Truchacabra is a fly fishing blog intended to, among other things, represent the tangible importance of the outdoor life.  Truchacabra is a play on the word chupacabra, a creature of myth in the cultures of the southwestern United States and Mexico; indeed, I’ve seen photos of the thing, and no one can say if it’s a distinct animal or a disgustingly ugly dog.  A chupacabra is feared and revered because it stalks the desert countryside at night and sucks (chupar) the blood of goats (cabras). During my previous long career working trees with a crew of Michoacanos, I learned that chupacabra is also a word for vampire bat or vampire.  Because it sounds funny where I come from (New Mexico), I came up with the blog name truchacabra, for trucha (trout) and cabra.


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