Pardon My French, PART 1

Hint: THIS IS NOT A SALMON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The fellows shivering in rainjackets on a tundra river should make it perfectly clear.  It definitely should be a salmon, maybe a grayling, a dolly, or some big leopard bow, but it’s not.  It’s only a FRICKING PIRANHA!

My friend Kris Kennedy, of The Fly Shop and a great guide whose photos you should stare at whenever you find them, found this thing on an Alaska river.  Is it a release from an exotic hobby tank?  Is is sabotage by Pebble Mine believers? Did it decide to swim from freshwater through an ocean, and then back again to fresh, or were there just not enough dead cows in the rivers down there for it to gang eat?

Or consider this.  At the end of a long guide season, did Kris – wanting to have some innocent fun –  just happen to have a dead piranha in his pocket?  More diabolical than coincidence if you ask me.

Until the answer is revealed, let us comfort ourselves in the notion that the possibilities are at this point endless. I will keep you posted.


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