My Favorite River On Earth


Check out this clip on the Yuba River.

Ravaged by hydraulic mining during the California gold rush, the channel of the Yuba near Marysville is rewritten every time central CA experiences heavy rains and flooding.  Throughout my life on this river, I’ve seen more versions of the Yuba than I can count.  Nevertheless, there are 11 inch rainbows in it that will rip your reel a new one, and you won’t be able to do anything about it.  And God help you if you get anything over 20 (there are plenty of those; I’ve come across a dead steelhead that I taped it at 36 inches, a lost fish from BC I assume).

What can I say, wonderful skwala, march brown, and fall caddis hatches, good mid winter wild steelie runs, lupines and orange poppies on the hills, blue oaks……God, but those fish.  One day they will hurt you, and I mean bad, and the next they’ll make you the king of the world.  I’ve had more days on the Yuba when I was proud of myself for a two fish day.



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4 responses to “My Favorite River On Earth

  1. Good bless the Yuba River…you should see the new version sense the big spring we have had…SICK new Runs.

  2. Doug Harmon

    gotta motivate for a trip down, I have been heading the other direction with greater frequency. North Fork Yuba has been a hot ticket this “summer”. Lots of Rainbows in the 13″-16″ range, and clear cold water.

    • I guess I have to motivate for a trip up! That’s so cool to hear. Do the fish fight as hard up there? Where do you go in (feel free to blow me off; I respect secrets)? Thanks for the comment.

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